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About iBenz

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Welcome to the writings of I Benz, an Indie-Author home-based on the shores of Lake Ozette, Wa.  As a traditional storyteller hailing from a rich lineage of Mapuche and European  wisdom keepers, I Benz invites readers to embark on a literary journey that traverses the art of sharing wisdom through stories.  You were born to learn through story, fantastical story, and she delivers.  


Born in 1966, Chile, with the  Andean mountains to the East and the Pacific Ocean to the West, and then raised within the intellectually and the culturally rich cities of Europe, I Benz draws her inspiration from her deep roots in the land, cities and people that have molded her stories from before she could write. A proud member of  long lineages of mystics and wisdom keepers, both Native and European, I Benz carries the torch of her heritage with reverence and enthusiasm.

Cultural Heritage:

I Benz’s novels serve as vessels for the transmission of ancient wisdom, cultural truths, and the timeless skills for the people of Earth. Drawing upon the magical and mystical elements of her heritage, she skillfully weaves tales that transcend the boundaries between reality and imagination. Through the art of storytelling, I Benz imparts not only the essence of her wisdom but also invites readers to reconsider their perceptions of the world, social constructs, and the nature of reality.

Literary Style:

In the tradition of Native American and European wisdom keeping and storytelling, I Benz’s works are characterized by a blend of magic, technology, mysticism, realism and a deep connection to human nature and the world. Often categorized as Magical Realism, Fantasy and Science Fiction, her prose unfolds like the turning of leaves in a sacred forest, revealing secrets and truths hidden within the folds of time. Each novel is a testament to the power of storytelling to teach, inspire, and transform.

Published Works:

Among I Benz’s notable works are Team Whisper, The Return Series, The Extraordinary Interview Series, and The 13th Mage. These novels serve as windows into a world where possibilities abound, and conventional wisdom is challenged. Readers are invited to immerse themselves in stories that echo the whispers of ancient beings and carry the wisdom of generations.

Inspiration and Vision:

I Benz’s creative vision is deeply rooted in her connection to the land, Gaia, the people of Earth and the spirits of her ancestors. Her storytelling is a tribute to the resilience, wisdom, and spirituality of Mapuche and European  cultures, offering readers a glimpse into a world where everything is possible, and the ordinary transforms into the extraordinary.

Connect with I Benz:

Join I Benz on a journey beyond the ordinary. Follow her on social media for updates on upcoming releases, glimpses into the cultural tapestry that inspires her work, and insights into the profound connection between storytelling and heritage.

Step into the world of I Benz, where the magic of storytelling unfolds, and the ancient wisdom of her people are transformed into modern novels that beckons readers to explore the extraordinary possibilities that lie within their own lives.

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